Regular visits to your dentist are the best way to help you maintain and keep healthy teeth for life, for both you and your family. At Dental Care on Bay, we pride ourselves on educating our patients. We listen to your concerns and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your long term dental health and along the way help you to attain a great smile for life.

Comprehensive dental examinations
We assess the overall health of your mouth, not just your teeth, we check the soft tissues and your gums for signs of gum disease, we use radiographs to ensure a thorough assessment is made
Tooth cleaning
As part of a preventive hygiene program to maintain good gum health
Including composite resin (white), amalgam and porcelain
Tooth whitening
We whiten your teeth using custom made trays and gels for improved long term whitening results
Fissure sealants
Sealants are an effective way to prevent decay in young teeth
Crowns and bridges
Can be used to rebuild or strengthen teeth that have been weakened by previous large restorations
Tooth Bonding and veneers
An effective cosmetic solution to improving a smile, by either closing gaps, improving the shape of teeth, repairing chips and masking discoloured teeth
If you play a contact sport, then a custom made mouthguard made for your teeth is essential in protecting them against trauma
Root canal treatment
Comprehensive root canal treatment
Both partial and full dentures